Affiliate Power Group Reviews Is Affiliate Power Group a Scam or Legit?

Affiliate Power Group Business Opportunity Overview

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Where have you read this before? Well, youve read it on almost every sales page of almost every affiliate training program that you might have come across. So, whats special about the Affiliate Power Group program? The program boasts of being about Real People, Real Advice, Real Success! The program is designed to teach its members how to transform themselves into successful affiliate marketers. They claim of teaching and guiding affiliate marketers the right way.

The main product that the Affiliate Power Group program promotes is their e-book titled 30 Ways to Get FREE Website Traffic in 30 Minutes or Less. In this e-book, marketers will find 30 simple and easy to do ways of increasing their websites traffic. The methods are allegedly so easy that even newbies can master them. Other than the e-book, the also offers its members affiliate marketing coaching classes, that cost just $1 for the first week, if you decide to stick to them, the monthly payment is $39.95. The program gives members a chance to participate in their online discussion forum, videos and tutorials that are a part of their online affiliate marketing coaching and classes.

Advantages of Affiliate Power Group

The biggest advantage of the program is that they offer up their star product, the e-book, completely free of cost. Another advantage is that their affiliate marketing coaching and classes are priced quite reasonably.

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Disadvantages of Affiliate Power Group

The biggest disadvantage of the program is that their payments arent done via an external site and there is no guarantee mentioned on the website. So, when paying for anything on the Affiliate Power Group website, please do so, at your own risk. Moreover, the program is similar to other run of the mill affiliate coaching/training programs, offering up the same information just in a different package.

Affiliate Power Group Review The Weigh In

Although, the program claims to be different than the other online affiliate training programs, yet they fail to provide any solid proof of them being the real deal. All information theyre offering, is similar to what has been offered before. Moreover, the program doesnt mention any guarantee on their website, which does make one a bit antsy.