Anthony Morrison Reviews Is Anthony Morrison a Scam or Legit?

Anthony Morrison Business Opportunity Overview

Company URL: is an internet marketer, entrepreneur author and speaker who is selling an internet marketing book titled Advertising Profits From Home via an infomercial on the subject of Recession Proof Profits. The infomercial portrays Anthony Morrison to be a genuine guy who through his book is giving people, sitting at home an opportunity to make an income via the internet, there is no talk of him owning BMWs or making millions of dollars in just a couple of days. This is the kind of talk Suggested Home Business Opportunities 2011that actually attracts gullible people sitting at home towards the Anthony Morrison book; however, the reality is that in his entire infomercial, video nowhere does he actually explain how you are actually going to generate an income. This is what first alerted me against

The Anthony Morrison program basically contains his book and a few DVDs. The content of the program is supposed to teach you all about affiliate marketing and how you can turn a profit by advertising other companies products and drive traffic and potential customers to their websites. The program targets everyone who is at home and is looking to make some extra money.

Advantages of Anthony Morrison

The only advantage of the program is that it is available for $29.90. Other than that all the program does is send up smoke signals in your brain.

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Disadvantages of Anthony Morrison

The main disadvantage of the program is that his book is made up of very basic concepts, that cant really help you make any money online. Other than that when you buy his book, after a day or two you start receiving sales calls from his company who try to sell you more stuff at cheaper prices. Anthony Morrison basically sells nothing worth even $29.90, as the content cannot really help anyone, and so he just takes advantage of people who are sitting at home trying to make some extra money.

Anthony Morrison Review The Weigh In

I advise you to stay as far away as possible from the program, as it doesnt help you in any way. If you need further proof, just do a bit of research yourself and the scam will reveal itself to you.