Blog Content Warehouse Reviews Is Blog Content Warehouse a Scam or Legit?

Blog Content Warehouse Business Opportunity Overview

Company URL: is a niche blogging membership website developed by Robert and Toby Maggard. The website offers its members the opportunity to drive traffic and build back links via niche blogging. Their official website states that members can build dozens of niche traffic pulling blogs with so little work to do, you will think it is illegal. You get the traffic and the income all while leaving the blogging to us!

Suggested Home Business Opportunities 2011The Blog Content Warehouse program believes that the content is king, and so they target all those marketers that are having trouble making an income online, coming up with good-quality content, brining traffic to their websites or outsourcing all this work to someone else. Basically, what the website claims of offering its members is: 10 niches per month, 250 blog posts per month, 10 blog comments/niche/month, a guide on how to alter the blog comments you already have so that they can be reused, blog posts written by professionals and all these services are offered for a lifetime.

Advantages of Blog Content Warehouse

One of the advantages of the program is that it is available for a monthly cost of $24.95. However, right now the price is running through a test course, and after the period is through it will be increased to anything in between $47-$67 per month. Moreover, the services that the program offers are no doubt very alluring.

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Disadvantages of Blog Content Warehouse

One of the disadvantages of the program is that the website doesnt actually tell how will accomplish all of their amazing services. Moreover, their refund policy is not explicitly stated, so getting the refund could prove to be problematic.

Blog Content Warehouse Review The Weigh In

The concept of the program is no doubt interesting but currently the program needs quite a bit of tweaking to really start giving results.