Easy Click Commissions Reviews is Easy Click Commissions a Scam or Legit

Easy Click Commissions Business Opportunity Overview

Company URL: www. EasyClickCommissions.com

The EasyClickCommissions.com is a traffic software developed by an Underground Super Affiliate at least thats what their home page reveals. The Easy Click Commissions software essentially works in the following way: it automatically finds high-quality keywords, then automatically produces content and automatically starts submitting the article content with your affiliate link attached to different directories. Thus, in this way your article marketing process is turned on autopilot via the EasyClickCommissions.com software.

Suggested Home Business Opportunities 2011All the information that I have mentioned above, I got from various other sites because as far as their official website goes, it reveals NO information about the program. All the website says is: learn how an underground super affiliate double crossed the gurus and banked a whopping $2, $135, $136! Thats it. You then have to enter your email address if you want some additional information.

The EasyClickCommissions.com software is generally meant for the internet newbies who really havent gotten hold of article marketing yet. And so, the software helps them complete article marketing duties on autopilot without really having to do any work at all.

Advantages of Easy Click Commissions

The biggest advantage of the EasyClickCommissions.com traffic software is that is available for free. Other than that the software really shows no promise in what it actually claims to be doing, which is automated article marketing.

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Disadvantages of Easy Click Commissions

After reading various customers reviews clearly the EasyClickCommissions.com software doesnt really work, as it doesnt actually submit the articles to real directories. By real I mean, that the directories they list are in reality owned by the company itself. So, the software is obviously a scam as it basically does nothing to help you with your article marketing.

Easy Click Commissions Review The Weigh In

Although the EasyClickCommissions.com software is free. However, it really isnt worth your time as the traffic system doesnt help you do your article marketing at all.