Home Income Surge Reviews Is Home Income Surge a Scam or Legit?

Home Income Surge Business Opportunity Overview

Company URL; www.homeincomesurge.com

The HomeIncomeSurge.com as the name indicates is a home-based work opportunity. When you go to their website, there really isnt that much to read or get information from if you dont opt to complete their survey and take a free tour. Home Income Surge opportunity claims of making people more money, month after month. According to their website, the Home Income Surge is so simple and easy to use that almost anyone can do it, they just have to have a computer in front of them, and then they can make money fast.

Suggested Home Business Opportunities 2011The HomeIncomeSurge.com system pays its members to promote big companys names such as Amazon.com, Sony, etc. Once you complete their survey and get the free tour of their system youll come to know that you can try their website platform for a period of five days for a fee of just $1.95 (non-refundable). Through their website people sitting at home can promote Home Income Surge products and services and make money doing so. After the five-day trial period expires, members have to pay $29.95/month for website hosting and maintenance.

Advantages of Home Income Surge

The biggest advantage of the HomeIncomeSurge.com program is that its trail is available for only $1.95. Moreover, the monthly charge is also not that much. Another advantage of is that it claims to be working for big company names such as Amazon.com.

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Disadvantages of Home Income Surge

The first obvious disadvantage of HomeIncomeSurge.com system is that they dont have any information about their services available on their website. A user has to first fill out a survey to even gain access to the most basic info on the system. Another disadvantage of the system is that they have non-clickable security seals on their website. Furthermore, Home Income Surge uses the names of CNN, Time and People on their page whereas the system has no real link with these organizations.

Home Income Surge Review The Weigh In

As soon as you visit their website, alarms clocks start going off in your head as they have nothing worth explaining on their home page. HomeIncomeSurge.com could be a good opportunity. However, right now it needs a lot of improvements.