Home Wealth Solution Reviews Is Home Wealth Solution a Scam or Legit?

Home Wealth Solution Business Opportunity Overview

Company URL: www.homewealthsolution.com

The HomeWealthSolution.com is a work from home opportunity that claims of providing people at home a legitimate way to make an income online. As far as their official website goes, theres not much information on it, the Home Wealth Solution tag line reads Have You Heard? Millions of People are Making Money From Home. Their home page boosts of making you Fast, Easy Cash and all that you essentially need are basic typing skills and an internet access via which you can start your own Suggested Home Business Opportunities 2011business. People who are interested in joining the HomeWealthSolution.com program dont need any previous experience in the online field. They can simply work sitting at home, and the program gives them the opportunity to start working NOW.

Users simply have to fill in their information (email address, full name, phone number and country) to see whether they are eligible for the program or not. In the Home Wealth Solution, program included are training videos and training guides. Furthermore, their members receive one-on-one training consultation. The program also provides its users with an automated money making website.

Advantages of Home Wealth Solution

The only advantage of the HomeWealthSolution.com program is that it is available for an initial cost of $19.97. Other than that theres really nothing special about the system.

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Disadvantages of Home Wealth Solution

The HomeWealthSolution.com program uses non-clickable security seals, and many of their customers have complained that their system starts sending contacts promotions of the Home Wealth Solution without their knowledge. On top of this their website has trademark logos of YouTube, MSNBC, Fox News, etc. although they are not affiliated with these networks. Although, the program promises to provide Free Consultation to users. However, they offer no consultation at all. Lastly, they ask for more money once you have paid your initial $19.97.

Home Wealth Solution Review The Weigh In

According to the various customer reviews that I have come across the Home Wealth Solution program doesnt have a good reputation. They take your money, and in return give you no new information and virtually no support. Please think twice before choosing to use this program.