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Three Reasons for LiveSmart 360 Scam

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Company Website:

Many are curious about the LiveSmart 360 scam because of the buzz that it had created during its pre-launch. During that time, many are already thinking if there is a LiveSmart 360 scam in the making. However despite the skepticisms, the company was able to sign up members in 93 countries amounting to 147,693 pre-enrolled members. Some say that this is a breakthrough for a networking company while others say that they are just following the fad during that time. On the other hand, some say that the company is a scam because of the several reasons that will be discussed here.

Reason for LiveSmart 360 Scam One- The CyberWize Company Connection

livesmart 360 scam

Livesmart 360 Scam

The CEO of LiveSmart 360 is Mark McCool that happens to be the former owner of the CyberWize Company. Some say that there is a “LiveSmart 360 scam” because apparently, the CEO just went ahead and renamed his previous company into after several years of failed increase in sales. Some say that this was just a speculation and the truth is McCool sold the CyberWize Company to a third party during the time that his father was seriously ill. Later on the company was bought back by McCool.

When you go to the CyberWize website now, you will get a form asking your contact details and your previous sponsor. What’s interesting is the logo on the tab of the browser that happens to be the same logo of This further fueled the rumors on LiveSmart 360 scam. Additionally, the products of Cyberwize Tunguska Mist are almost the same as the 360-Mists. On whether it’s renamed, re-packaged or re-launched, it’s hard to turn the other cheek on the connection of CyberWize with “”. Some say that you can already predict the future of the LiveSmart 360 Company by looking at the history and success of McCool’s previous company -CyberWize.

Reason for LiveSmart 360 Scam Two – The Pending Patent

The flagship product of is the 360-Mists which up to now is still patent pending. For many consumers, non-patented products that claims to be effective raise a red flag – thus the reason for saying there

is a LiveSmart 360 scam. That’s not to say however that the product is not effective, as some consumers would vouch that the 360-Mists do works wonder. On the other hand, some wary consumers are saying if the product is really that effective then it should have been patented already.

To give you an idea on the 360-Mists, here are the different products under that line and their function:

  • ZorbMax 360 Mist – this product claims to increase the ability of cells to absorb and use nutrients. It also helps in the promotion of better health cell performance.
  • 360 Mist Ignite – this product gets a lot of comment on being a “LiveSmart 360 scam”.  Perhaps this is because of its function that ignites passion and enhances sexual desire. It also gives better sexual performance as claimed.
  • 360 Mist Relieve – this product aims to reduce inflammation.
  • 360 Mist Zip – this is the mist that you should use if you want to be alert and have natural energy. It contains caffeine, Yerba mate and B vitamins.
  • 360 Mist PM – this product helps promote natural sleep
  • 360 Mist Slim- this product helps consumers lose weight by reducing hunger pangs.

If only this company can get an approved patent on their product, then surely the rumors on LiveSmart 360 scam can significantly die down.

Reason for LiveSmart 360 Scam Three – On being a Fad

Some skeptics are pretty much convinced that the LiveSmart 360 is just a fad. Well they do have a unique product with their spray mists. Since it’s unique, it’s attracting a lot of consumers out of curiosity and is making a trend. For some however, they see it as just a fad – and a perfect recipe for a Livesmart 360 scam.

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