Online Trade Training Reviews Is Online Trade Training a Scam or Legit?

Online Trade Training Business Opportunity Overview

Company URL: www. presents an opportunity to people sitting at home to make money through affiliate marketing. According to their official website, the training program is meant for almost everybody who is in need of money. So the program targets ALL Struggling Families, Single Parents, Retirees -Anyone Who Wants to Make Stable Income per Month.

Suggested Home Business Opportunities 2011Their website isnt really that big a help when it comes to understanding the program. All the website contains is a video of a woman who allegedly used the Online Trade Training system and is now making a steady income of thousands of dollars per month. However, the woman seems like an actress and not an actual customer of the program from the beginning of the video. Other than the video the website contains a form that you need to fill in order to join the course.

The course is available for $97 and comes with a 320 page internet marketing training manual, access to their mentoring website and complete one-on-one support from one of their members. The program basically trains you to bring traffic and potential customers to other companies websites.

Advantages of Online Trade Training

As far as the advantages of the program go, I really cannot seem to find any, apart from the fact that the program trains you how to operate as an affiliate marketer and bring traffic to other websites.

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Disadvantages of Online Trade Training

The first disadvantage of the program is that the founders expect people to actually believe that the actress in their testimonial video is a real customer of theirs. Moreover, the program has a very dodgy refund policy, although they promise to give you a refund on their website, many users complain that they have been denied their refund. When users ask for a refund, they are told that they cant be given one until they read the first two chapters of the manual and provide a summary on them! A refund is also denied before the users try out the program for a few days. Some users complain that they are charged an additional fee that is not mentioned on their website.

Online Trade Training Review The Weigh In program isnt worth investing your time and money in as the program has no advantages at all. If you still want to try it out, please do so after doing thorough research on your own.