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Organo Gold, a network marketing company was founded in 2008. It targets health conscious consumers by manufacturing a brand of healthier coffee made from Ganoderma Lucidum (a traditional Chinese herb).
The reason why this product has gained so much attention in the affiliate marketing world is because they are offering more than 7 different streams of income, giving their members great opportunities for creating wealth. In this article, we will address the questions, is this just another network marketing scam? This Organo Gold review reveals if you can become as wealthy as they claim by selling their products?

Reviewed Advantages of is a networking company that offers lucrative rewards for their members. Profits can come from directly selling the product and receiving dividends when someone purchases the packages. It can also be generated from recruiting members and leaders who will be working to build your business. Organo Gold allows its members to purchase the company’s products for 50% less than the market price, giving them a better profit margin. As a member you will also receive compensation for recruiting people who purchase packages from the company and start to sell the products themselves. This is a great opportunity because the market for coffee, especially specialty coffees, is currently booming. Promoting it as a healthy alternative to other popular national brands makes it an easy pitch for friends, family, and co-workers. Imagine making money everytime someone takes a sip of java! Even better is that when they decide to purchase a package from and start to sell the product themselves, you can make even more money! When you recruit members, whether they plan to just sell the product or recruit other people who will join your team, you can still make a profit. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? You’ll be making millions and your business will be flourishing, but strangely enough this is where most network marketers run into problems.

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Reviewed Disadvantages of

We all know that you won’t get rich by directly selling coffee products to your warm market. You need to reach the top position of the company to make millions of dollars each and every month. In order to achieve this, you need to recruit at least two people in the system. Then they would need to recruit and so on and so forth.

Recruiting 2 people? Ah! That’s easy! I can do that! But are these people really capable of recruiting new members? Do they have the skills to work for your team? It is easy to have two people under you, but it is not enough to create wealth. As a recruiter, you need to make sure that the people you encourage to join your team have the skills to recruit another two members who also have the skills to recruit the next two members.

Organo Gold is suggesting that you go after your warm market, which is your family, friends, and close contacts. Going after your warm market is a great idea for network marketing. In fact, they are your closest “network” after all. The problem is what happens when you run out of your warm market contacts, where do you turn to? The answer is, outside your existing network.

This is where your marketing skills come into play. This is where the hard work is, and this is where the problem of lies. They provide you with all the tools to market the business and the product. They provide everything that you need to succeed in selling the product.  What they don’t teach you is how to sell the business. There is no “training” on how to manage your team effectively.

Most people in the networking business don’t know how to approach the business after their warm market contacts run out. This is why 97% of those who attempt it are still struggling, making minimal money by selling the product and recruiting others to sell the product when they should actually be selling “the business”. Organo Gold members do not receive the training they need to learn how to become effective leaders who can build a team capable of achieving ultimate profitability and wealth. Reviews – The Weigh In

In conclusion, regardless of how good the income opportunity may seem and regardless of how marketable the product is, Organo Gold members won’t make a substantial income without learning how to sell the business, not just the product. For this reason we consider network marketing opportunity at a disadvantage. We would not recommend it for someone who is new to the network marketing business.

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75 Responses to “ Reviews – Is Organo Gold a Scam or Legit?”

  1. Mike says:

    Two words: “Residual Income”

  2. Roy says:

    Hurrah, that’s what I was exploring for, what a data! present here at this weblog, thanks admin of this web site.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Organo Gold Review…

    Get all the organo gold reviews, information, advantages and disadventages at Current Home Business Reviews….

  4. says:

    Organo Gold Review…

    Get all the organo gold reviews, information, advantages and disadventages at Current Home Business Reviews….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Organo Gold Reviews…

    Get all the organo gold reviews, information, advantages and disadventages at Current Home Business Reviews….

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you, I have recently been searching for info
    approximately this subject for a long time and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far.
    But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you sure about the supply?

  7. SL says:

    Just heard a presentation that was the Ed Mercer 100 Millionaires spiel and the cost is A LOT I imagine that there will be 100 millionaires created but it won’t be in this new group of recruits.
    And while Organo might work and taste good an all that the cost seems to be prohibitive.
    Here is THE NUMBER 1 RULE I FOLLOW If they won’t tell you the cost or even a “ballpark” cost then RUN. There is a reason they force you to set through a 30 minute presentation and refuse to reveal the costs until the end. IT IS REALLY EXPENSIVE

  8. Sol says:

    Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing in your feed and I’m hoping you write again very soon!

  9. Mebusiness says:

    You know! Scam or what not, if you are going to join a MLM first of you have to put effort in it. There is no easy way of making money. If you don’t know Robert Kyosaki I suggest you get to know his books and video. Networking marketing is the new business. If you’re smart think more, if you’re lazy and give up fast stop complaining. Just like a weight loss product if you do not stuck to it you will never lose it and if you do not work out don’t expect to lose weight period. So think of this way, there is no easy way of making money fast, if you’re good you will make it. If you don’t give up most likely you will make it. Ganoderma is one of the oldest ancient herbs out there only people in American are so behide that they never pay attention to herbs, why do you think American have the most health issue? so by saying if you fail stop blaming the company or by saying it’s a scam. It is a scam to you because you fail accept your responsibility 100% and stop blaming others or the company for your failure. That just how it is alright. So what I’m saying you trust the medical doctor by taking all these medication that leads you to death. Why do you still take it and never mention it is a scam? don’t you see people who take medication die faster!!!! why input unhealthy into your body is okay with you? when the something that is actually good for you suddenly makes you skeptical? What my point is you don’t complain about the bad stuff you put in your body why complain about something good. Weird. End of story so stop complaining saying it doesn’t work for you when really it is you who fail thank you.

  10. Ian says:

    Belief is the first thing to work on. If you want to believe something will not work then guess what? It will not work, and the same goes for believing that something will work. Im an OrganoGold distributor and SUCCESS in this business comes from the second letter “U”. Skepticism is valid in the absence of proof. We have proof, we have a Patent for production of Ganoderma, we have over Ten certifications for our products. We have testimonials of what this herb does for people and we have people winning in a losing economy. We have weekly training, daily conference calls. If you do not sample then you do not grow your business. So for those people who say it doesn’t I challenge to first do the Four Steps then come talk to me.

    • GS says:

      **@ IAN***

      *clears throat*

      Sir, this is business. Numbers, facts; there is no “faith” involved.

      Your “proof” is:
      1. You have a patent?
      Correction: the manufacturer of ganoderma products has the patent, not Organo Gold.

      2. Certifications?
      There are, but they are “halal” and “kosher” and “organic” certs, which only mean “there’s no animal blood in the coffee” and “it was farmed.”

      3. Testimonials?

      Anybody can get testimonials. Doesn’t mean they’re true.

      4. Winning?
      There are, but very few, and most of those very few are likely to be the owners of the company.

      So much for “proof.”
      But nice try.

  11. BSAVED says:


  12. RO says:

    Man garšo laba kafija . Vai bizness ir augstā līmenī?

  13. Organo Gold says:

    Organo Gold es una empresa que esta revolucionando la industria del cafe con 4 preguntas que cualquier persona las puede hacer
    1- Usted o alguien que usted conoce toma cafe o te
    2-Como toma el cafe negro or con leche y azucar
    3-Cual es la marca que consume hoy o su marca preferida
    4-Cuando le enviaron un cheque por tomar cafe (NUNCA)
    Entonces por que no probar Organo Gold un cafe saludable una oprtunidad para cambiar la vida que puedes perder la mala salud nos vemos en la cima.

  14. Linda says:

    I tasted the coffee it tastes awful the herb in it has not been studied enough
    and the ones that are selling the coffee are making all these health claims
    upset me because they know nothing about the claims they are making
    just another scam!!

    • DANNA says:

      I thought the coffee tasted Great! Hot Chocolate is good too.

    • Anonymous says:

      you are soo wrong ganoderma is been used for over 4000 years you are just another uneducated american….I fell sorry for you

    • janet says:

      I disagree. I think it tastes like fresh brewed coffee. Maybe you aren’t a coffee drinker. That’s my guess. I started drinking it about a week ago. I decided that I would not be a representative until I was certain that it would make me feel better. I have the worst case of tendinitis in all my joints as a result of a bad reaction to the antibiotic, Levequin. This has been going on for two years. For the last three or so months it has been excruciating pain, every day. I would count the hours until I could have another dose of ibuprofen and tylenol. The pain in my neck, shoulder and upper back was more than I could stand. I started drinking one cup of organo gold coffee each day, and its been seven days. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up the third day and did not have the usual pain and stiffness in my right shoulder/arm. The pain did not go away completely, but, I no longer have to take anything for the pain. Its only been one week, and my pain level went from a 10, down to about a 2. That’s impressive. I will continue for another three weeks to see if it continues to improve. I asked God to take away my pain, and that’s when I was approached by a friend about Organo Gold. I think God put it in my path, because I feel great! I can use the arm to get dressed….rotation is at least 65 per cent improved, and the pain is almost completely diminished. I never thought this would happen, and so fast. I was looking at surgery! At the end of the four weeks, I will make my decision about becoming involved with the marketing of this product. If you manage your business properly, you can make money, regardless. It will be what you make it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have to agree with Janet about the taste and the health benefits. I have ADHA that isn’t completely controled by medication. When I drink a cup of the Organo Gold coffee, tea or hot chocolate, I get more energy and am able to focus much better and get more work done. I was introduced to the coffee in February of this year. I liked the taste and decided to go to one of their meetings. It so happened that the company I am working for had just announced layoffs coming in March. I also asked God to help me, and was introduced to the coffee that same week. I felt that God had dropped this opportunity in my lap, exactly when I needed it. The meeting was on a Thursday night. I drank another cup of coffee there. It gave me a lot of energy. I was still feeling the effects two days later on Saturday morning, without drinking anymore on Friday. I usually spend my Saturdays on the couch, watching movies and am too tired to do anything. That morning I got up ready to do something, even clean the house! I liked the sound of the distributer program and the next week joined as a distributor. Since then I have been to many meetings and attended conference calls. The distributors above you do get paid to help you build your business. I disagree with this Zeekler review that states that Organo Gold doesn’t teach you how to market your business. You can attend a meeting or conference call every day of the week, several times a day if you want to. These are run by people who have succeeded in the company and are making a lot of money. They are all using Organo Gold as their only source of income and are traveling around the country attending convention and speaking at local meetings. The business information is available to you, if you would like to take advantage of it. I’m not going to kid you, it is work. You have to get out and introduce & sell the products to people and recruit 2 other people to sell under you, but you stand a chance of making thousands of dollars a week if you do.

        • Georgiana says:

          I totally agree with you and janet I am a distributor and it really works. The people that says it doesn’t work are the ones that haven’t put the effort into making it work.

    • Ian says:

      Well Linda, how much water did you put in the cup. If it was more than 8 oz then you put too much into it. It was probably watered down if that was the case. Health Claim you say, lol well I know what it has done for me so that is truly all I needed to make a decision. Plus google GANODERMA and you will see third party validation of this herb. Last thing, a SCAM doesn’t last for nearly four years, or is named the ECONOMY EQUALIZER, on the front cover of SUCCESS magazine and is in 20 countries and has countries waiting on us if we were not legit. BYE BYE

      • Dr.BokaLokaDoka says:

        Ian I’m afraid you’ve been drinking all the kool-aid, or in this case the coffee. Ponzi schemes can run for years totally undetected. How about Enron? To say a company thats ONLY been around for 4 years isn’t a scam, is probably a true sign of ignorance. From a business stand point, this company is still a baby, and with most schemes it collects as much money as possible then collapses. Enron was often mentioned in magazines and was a very profitable source for getting rich quick.

        The thing you coffee sippers seem to be missing is, in essence, this is a get rich quick scheme. None of you feel having lower class and middle class buy new Mercedes Benz’ is extremely irresponsible of a company that supposedly is there to help you “Become a 1 percent” by putting you in debt while they get commission for each Benz thats leased/bought by you suckers?

        If you really wanted to make money, you would start a semi-legit business like this one, market it to sapps, get them to invest, buy a car, and sell your products. Then pull the rug out from underneath them. Thats how you get rich quick.

        Think about it, in four years these assholes have managed to create a small empire by taking your money and feeding you garbage. If you were REALLY making money you wouldn’t be selling coffee outside your local grocery stores or getting on your family and friends nerves with the begging.

    • Anonymous says:

      The taste is great for most people and the good results for your heatlth are real too.

  15. Stylish says:

    Try searching on Fortune Magazine’s website for organa gold. You won’t find anything even though the reps will show you two “fortune magazines” that are filled cover to cover with all Organa reps “success” stories.

    Also, google Mr. Buggs. He has been arrested for fraud and scams before. All of the “sales success of coffee” is just new people having to
    Buy product to start their business. Don’t get suckered!!

  16. kevin says:

    Look for all of those negative people, i jux started organo gold 2 weeks ago n i like it jux for the fact that the coffe makes me feel so good n took all my stress away . i enjoy sellin a product dat change my life.. but people who are negative makes me feel like u need a cup of coffe to relax! My name is kevin martinez and i live in dallas, tx . thanxz

  17. Enlightened1 says:

    This was THE BEST bit of information on MLM businesses I have heard this year. WHERE WERE YOU OCT. 2011!!!!!!! You are so accurate when you say that they don’t teach you how to sell the business to manage your team effectively. That was my suggestion over and over to the person that sponsored me, to teach our downline the art of MLM. I myself didn’t know, however I did know that it must be some kind of skills envolved because it was NO WHERE NEAR as easy as I was told. The legit MLM opportunity is awesome for creating passive/residual income if you are willing to invest in SELF help books like The Greatest Salesman, Think and Grow Rich, Rich Man Poor Man, to name a few. You can legitimately be sucessful in your MLM business with the RIGHT tools! the RIGHT people! at the RIGHT TIME! Someone told me that “EFFECTIVE PRODUCTION comes only when we make the appropriate connections with people with whom we fit harmoniously and effectively”. So remove ALL of the NEGATIVE, FEARFUL, FAITHLESS,BACKBITTING, BACKSTABBING PROCRASTINATORS from your warm, hot and cold list and begin the road to wealth.

    • Wally says:

      You are so right, you must invest in yoursefl. The Renegade Network Marketer helped me with that.

    • new rep says:

      Right on. Even though you are not taught the marketing secrets with organo gold, does not mean that it a bad company. I mean look at most millionaires out there, they taught them selves and succeeded. I haven’t seen anywhere that it says with organo gold, your going to get rich over night. I started in the business about a month ago, and yes it is a part time thing for me, but the biggest thing to know is that in order to sell a product or business, you have to do two things. 1- you have to believe in the company and product, and 2- you have to be able to sell yourself FIRST. If people see confidence in you, then showing confidence in your product is simple. I was never promised wealth beyond my dreams with selling coffee, but i was told that it is a healthy alternative to regular coffee, and after doing some research I definitely believe it. After all, organo golds coffee has approx. 9mg of caffine as to most coffee has around 135mg, that alone is enough to go on for me, and with feeling more energized from organo gold than any starbucks five dollar drink that I’ve ever had is an even bigger bonus in my book. The people that are putting the business and the coffee down, are the ones who haven’t tried all the products offered. “This black coffee taste horrible, this isn’t like starbucks”. Your right dumbass. It isn’t like starbucks because it is BLACK COFFEE. Black coffee is healthier for you, in itself without the ganoderma. Black coffee is bitter and not for everyone. You don’t like it, try the LATTE which is awesome or the mocha is an excellent choice.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Just want to say, that nothing comes from free. You have to roll up your sleeves and work at ANYTHING to make money. A positive attitude is an asset. A negative attitude is a liability.

  19. bbouma777 says:

    If you are looking to make a little or even a lot of money online find out how so many are doing this at . If you need your questions answered email me at or even call me at 204 229-7766.

  20. jaime says:

    great network mktng company gret product

  21. David says:

    I just started with this company a few weeks ago and have created a lens to give my viewers live updates about what happens with me in the company and post information on both sides of the story with this company so that you can choose for yourself whether to join the company. If you like how my story goes and want to join you can feel free to sign up with me so that I can show you exactly what I did and how I did it.

  22. Angel says:

    50 percent of this info is true and the other 50 is bullshit. just straight talk. I can’t believe people buy into what a bullshit website says. you can talk about it all you want but you won’t know until you try this shit.

    • Tez Howes says:

      Uh, dear, the term ‘straight talk’ means exactly the opposite of what you’re equating it with. ‘Straight talk’ is defined as ‘elaborating on the facts of an issue without embellishing them.’ And I don’t know how you can suggest that the article contains ‘bullshit’ – the author is simply analyzing the pros and cons of this business, as anyone would logically do. Essentially, he lauds the product as being good, but explains the pitfalls that are inherent in ANY multi-level-marketing model. And your last sentence would suggest that you take no advice from anyone but simply jump into any enterprise without vetting it whatsoever. THAT attitude in itself is almost a guarantee that anyone who embraces it WILL fail, at whatever they attempt.

      • Jerry Nash says:

        Good reply. Usually, when profanity is included, one could not reason that the one making the comment was intelligent.

        • Angel Purcell says:

          Great way of saying it Tez :) Alot of people think this is a get rich fast program….well it could in way. I just got in this March 20,2012 and loving it every minute I am doing!!!! Yes you have to work at, yes you have to alot of hours, yes it can time consuming BUT its your own business….either you sink or swim back to the one who controls the income you make a year!!! I love being my own boss, anywhere I go I am always doing the “4” questions and handing out samples and doin my follow ups—-those are so important in this. When I do trade days or fairs or even fundraisers and I am setting up and they stop and browse thru and we talk. Shortly later they either like it and buy or walk away as they do I always say have a great afternoon or eveing they smile and walk on….if you are rude then you WILL FAIL and cant blame noone but yourself due to its your own business!!!! Too many tools and help with Organo Gold so you cant blame that not like some of these companies saying we are here for ya soon as you join they are in wittness protection lol I love my team they are the best :)

          • elizabeth bruce says:

            I am considering doing this-could you give me info about how this is really giving you an income stream?

        • Bill Burd says:

          Great comment–another way to look at it is ‘ Problem is that he lacks the power of conversation but NOT the power of speech”

    • Anonymous says:

      i here tht. is it a good product to sell

  23. Anonymous says:

    actually one of my friends got super involved with this shit and he even dropped college for this. The kid has gone mad and swears he’s gonna make something out of this. I mean how in the hell is this possible? to make thousands of dollars off this “Organo Gold Coffee?”

    • Organo Gold says:

      Organo Gold esta revolucionando la industria del cafe con un cafe gourmet mezclado con ganoderma creando un cafe saludable y a la vez pagando dinero por consumirlo.
      Organo Gold esta considera la empresa de mayor crecimiento en el 2011 y con mayor projecto para el 2012

  24. anonymous says:

    Listen, no one said it is easy to make money in this company…It is a simple approach though…Who do you know of that drinks coffee? Well you don’t need to know them…Look at the lines at Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Mcdonalds and all the other resturants, gas stations, pastry shops and household consumption (the ones you cannot see)

    One company goes as far to say” America runs on Coffee” No one bashes these guys for charging $1, $5 and up for 3 seeds of actual coffee grounded then loaded with sugar and don’t forget whip cream on top.

    Come on people, be intelligent, do your research and decide if it is something you want to dedicate your time to. If not, keep doing what you are doing and be happy. After all Success from home magazine feels they are pretty ligit
    Check this out:

    • Grey Wolf says:

      The main problem that I have with Organo Gold is their borderline illegal behavior when it comes to establishing the dual team. The system is designed to screw the new rep, imo. I personally recruited multiple people when I first started and the Back Office messed it up and instead of building my dual-team, they put everyone under one side.

      The system is designed to do this even when you try to override the system. They claim they can’t undo it even if the people haven’t made an order so the new rep is required to recruit another person to get their dual team. I am still adding new people, but I can see how others would rightfully get discouraged and badmouth the company.

      I am trying to stick with the company, but at the rate they are going, people will go to jail. It’s Equinox (water filters) all over again — great product, but the company will be brought down by too many greedy people trying to steal it all at once.

      It would also help if they would DELIVER! One rep has been waiting since Feb 4, 2012 and another person purchased from my website over a week ago but still has not received her product. Meanwhile, top reps can get their product in two days. Obviously, I think their Customer Service is a joke. I don’t see them maintaining their relationship with The Napoleon Hill Foundation unless they learn how to serve their customer in a TIMELY and efficient manner. What they currently do is no way to run a business.

      I have an MBA from a top business school and experience running large engineering defense projects. I’m also a LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt with an Ivy-league degree on top of that MBA, so it’s not as if I am easily confused or unduly influenced by their not-so-slick presentations. I came for the coffee and am trying to stay for the opportunity, but Organo Gold is going to fail if they don’t get their systems under control.

      • Tawana says:

        Yes Grey, you are right. Alot of MLM companies are not what they should be. I dont get involved in MLM anymore because the compensation plans are very unfair. There is something called Consumer Direct Marketing. The compensation is ligit and were the 1st and only in the world. We dont sell products or carry inventory. Its unbelievable!! If you are interested then email me And I can show you why 95% of Network Marketers fail in this industry and its not because you dont have enoughh leads.

      • Josefina says:

        Great info! thanks.

      • William Perez says:

        Hey grey my name is william if you interested in a real Coffee MLM company here my email

      • bob says:

        OrganoGold is full of scum and vultures. It is not a legitimite business, at all. They NEVER answer their customer support line and they NEVER return emails sent to their customr support inbox. The company could CARE LESS about selling coffee; they only care about recruiting new suckers…I mean, distributors because 100% of their coffee “sales” come from NEW DISTRIBUTORS. If you’re looking for a good way to alienate friends, lose money, and make a few con men scumbags (like Holton Buggs) rich, then, by all means, join OrganoGold.

      • Platinum1 says:

        They already fail brother and ur right 100% with u

      • Jerry Nash says:

        I liked this comment. You are articulate and the comments are relevant to the subject. Well said.

        I am with Melaleuca and see this subject as critical to any direct marketing or consumer direct company doing business through the warm market. Although our company has the highest rated customer service, there is always room to improve.

        We have picked up several Organo Gold reps in our Melaleuca business because of this same problem. Business is hard enough, without the head office cutting the legs out from under us.

      • Linda says:

        Grey, I am a physical therapist and my husband is an engineer. We became involved with a stair step break away nutritional science company; 62% retention rate. We have both been able to leave our professional careers, are international instructors with this company, and live a lifestyle where we have the freedom to choose how we will spend each day. I was on this site to evaluate infomation for a friend, as I was concerned for her, and was impressed with your articulate commentary. You have options. If you would like to learn more, email me @ so we can communicate privately. Warmest regards, Linda

      • Ray says:

        Thank you for your views my spirit tells me you are correct.

      • gilda manalo says:

        Hi Greg, I am a registered nurse by profession, and in a managerial level. Went to Vegas over the week end to visit a friend, then ended up attending a WFG (World Finance Group) business meeting.

        Came back to the Bay Area and did some research on the company. On checking around with friends, I found out that a business colleague used to be associated with WFG but shifted into a “much better” MLM company. In short, I gave in to her invitation and listened to a “not-so impressive” presentation, just like you experienced, last night. Their business model seems encouraging for th ff. reasons:
        1. Product is used by almost very one I know
        2. The company added a supposedly “100%” ganoderma lucidum, which they
        claim has numerous medical and health benefits –people nowadays are
        health conscious and into organic products
        3. uplink helps build people under them by adding even their own recruits in
        their tree –this is the part I like most because I am sensitive to the needs
        of the lowest person on the totem pole (i feel they’re always at a
        disadvantage). Just not sure if that really works, given your comment.
        My question to you is, is it easy to recoup the $1300 initial investment? This is what they are pushing. Do you think this group is worth the time and effort, given their imperfection (slow delivery, no training for building a team, not enough information/research on their claims for health and medical benefits).

        Thanks for your time.

        • gilda manalo says:

          addendum: in fairness to the presentor, I would like to add that he was actually simple and down-to-earth, with vast experience on MLM marketing, and well versed with the OG business model. However, contrary to my expectations, his emphasis was on recruiting people and team building whereas I wanted to know more details about the product (result of research studies, specifics on what makes this coffee beneficial), which, in turn, will make it easier for me to invite friends to join the network. I am still very much interested.

  25. Joe says:

    You are wrong that there is no training on how to market the business. There are plenty of videos, there are conventions, and there are weekly meetings in just about every area there are distributers. these meetings not only teach new potential customers about the company and ganoderma, they also tend to act as business training and building meetings.

    • lola says:

      They are not free!

    • Ray says:

      Any vehicle is only as dependable as it’s service department. Call the customer service number and i think you will have a better understandying.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have emailed 9 times with no response and held on for over an hour 6 times and still have never spoken to a soul and my uPline sucks! Gano excel was worlds. Better!!!

        • janet says:

          Maybe you should go to one of the meetings and speak to someone who is above your upline, (that sucks), and come up with a solution.

        • new rep says:

          Sounds like you need a better upline and sponsor. I have had no problems getting a hold of my sponsor and if there is something he doesn’t know then he will call me back later that day or the next day since there is a 6 hour difference between me and him, and he will conference me in with someone above him who can help. I’m in constant contact with my sponsor.

        • Jay says:

          What questions do you have? Lets talk!

    • jj says:


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