Profit Clicking Review – Will It Click or Just A Facelift?

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Not a lot had been written about Profit Clicking review since it was previously known as Just Been Paid. So some would say just read a Just Been Paid review and you will get to read about Profit Clicking review too. On the contrary, it’s well worth your time to read a review about Profit Clicking because you will get to know what changed and what is better than the already used to be great money making system. In fact, some members even say that the old JSS Tripler is just a piece of the cake on what the is really offering now.

The New Profit Clicking Review of the Old Just Been Paid

A couple of months back, a lot of Just Been Paid members got nervous because of the rumors that the company will shut down. The rumors were not true but they did however migrate into a better system, making way for a “Profit Clicking review”.  This is because Just Been Paid was acquired by the now buzz worthyProfit Clicking Company. Some say that the company changed its name or had a facelift to attract new members to join the company. Whether or not that is true, the fact is many Internet marketers are excited with this revolutionary leader of making money online.

Profit Clicking Review on The Ways to Make Money with the Company

There are three ways for members to make money with They are through the:

  • Advertising Package Program
  • Ad Package Referral Program
  • PC Panel Program

If you are interested to join the company, these three is something that you should really understand thus thisProfit Clicking review will try to discuss it one by one.

Profit Clicking Review on the Advertising Package Program

Here’s what you have to understand with the Advertising Package Program- when you purchase each package at $10 you are actually purchasing a Traffic Exchange Package that comes with a thousand advertising or marketing impressions. This makes way for powerful advertising for your website and the products that you promote and at the same time, you will also enjoy some earnings.

As an affiliate of this program, you will get the chance to earn 2% on weekdays and 1.5% on weekends. So every advertising package that you purchase earns $5 or will have a payout of 150% after it expires. This Profit Clicking review thinks that is a good return on the investment on your investment. The expiration date is 81 days after you have purchased the Advertising Package.

Aside from the daily earning, you will also receive a thank you bonus in the form of a free PC Panel. You get this when 4 of your advertising packages mature. When computed, this free PC Panel will yield a $60 rebate once it has been finalized. This is the company’s way of saying thank you for supporting and joining their advertising program.

Profit Clicking Review on the Ad Package Referral Program

Another way to earn that is also worth discussing in any “Profit Clicking review” is through referring others to the online advertising program of the company. You do this by sharing your link and getting new members to sign in as your referrals. When you are successful in doing so, you will get to earn 10% commission for every 1st level recruit you have and 5% on the 2nd levels. The commission you will get is for every time that they purchase an advertising package.

Profit Clicking Review on the PC Panel Program

To maximize your earnings, an Elite Traffic Exchange Program was created known as PC Panel Program. You get to earn when you refer others to purchase the PC Panel but only after you have purchased your own. This Profit Clicking reviewthinks of it as a fast track-way to enjoy a $60 rebates on each advertising package program. This costs $20 and you will get to know more about this program when you go to

Profit Clicking Review on Whether It Will Click

The big question that many are asking is if Profit Clicking will click. Well, with the success rate of Just Been Paid and the additional better features of, then this Profit Clicking review thinks that without a doubt – it will click.