Profit Focused Marketing Review – Is Profit FocAffordable Affiliates Network Reviews Is Affordable Affiliates Network a Scam or Legit?

Affordable Affiliates Network Business Opportunity Overview

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The is an affiliate program created by Chris Bell. The affiliate commission program works on the system of buying products for a low price and then re-selling them for a higher percentage. To become a member of Affordable Affiliates Network members have to invest in the program, $100 is the minimum amount that a member can invest, whereas the maximum amount is $500. Once a member invests money in the, the program uses the money to buy a product (the maximum amount of money spent to buy a product is $10); this product is then resold at a higher price, and then when the sale of the product pulls through, the Affordable Affiliates Network gives 5% of the profit to a charity of the members’ choice and 5% to the person who referred the product.

The program promises its members that they will earn back their membership fee in addition to a 10% profit after every sale that is made via their investment. The program takes another 10% of profit and puts it into the members’ account on a monthly basis.

Advantages of Affordable Affiliates Network

The biggest advantage of the program is that they offer members an option of how much money they want to invest in the program; from $100-$500. Moreover, the program offers 5% of the purchase to a charity of the members’ choice, so not only do they get to make money, but they also get a chance to help their charity.

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Disadvantages of Affordable Affiliates Network

The biggest disadvantage of the program according to several customer reviews is the fact that members don’t really get profits as fast as the program promises. So, in spite of what the Affordable Affiliates Network promises, you don’t really get to make a lot of money.

Affordable Affiliates Network Review – The Weigh In

Although, the basic concept of the program seems promising, but if you’re looking forward to making good money fast, then you probably shouldn’t invest money in the program because the cash comes slow here.