Profit Siege Reviews – Is Profit Siege a Scam or Legit?

Profit Siege Business Opportunity Overview

Company URL: is a program that will allow you to make money online within 3 minutes. It was developed by Steven Rounds, who claims that he has made tens of thousands of dollars using this system. However, before you jump into this product and purchase it to start making money online, it would be better to read this Profit Siege review first. This review will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of this program, including the reasons why you should or should not buy Suggested Home Business Opportunities 2011this product.

Advantages of Profit Siege

According to Steven Rounds, will force you to make money online (even if you dont want to), even without dealing with the popular methods that you know. Such as SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, social book marking, article marketing, link building, and paid advertisements.

Profit Siege was built in such a way that it will allow you to tap into a very little-known traffic source that can drive massive amounts of traffic. Aside from this, will also help you build websites automatically, which has the ability to literally suck in cash all with a push of a button.

With the help of Profit Siege, you wont need the help of PayPal or other payment processors, and affiliate networks because the money will be transferred automatically to your bank account. You dont need to build your own list. You dont need to have your own product, and you dont even need to have a website. Heck! It will do everything on its own, and you can live the life that youve dreamed of, and still be able to make thousands of dollars per month.

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Disadvantages of Profit Siege

Does that sound too good to be true? You bet it is! is just a sales funnel that will get you into a system that will force you to buy everything they are selling before you could even get your hands on the product. If you are one of the people who were fooled by Profit Siege, the best thing that you can do is to ask for a $47 refund, out of the thousands of dollars that you have spent.

It doesnt do everything on its own. is just a tool that will allow you to monitor the campaigns you have, and it will allow you to easily tweak the system you have set. You still need to work on your own despite the thousands of dollars you have spent.

Although you dont have to be familiar with the typical methods of marketing, which were mentioned above, you still need to be familiar with the more technical aspects such as phpMyAdmin, MySQL, and you need to know how to write codes that will protect the information that you have in your database.

Profit Siege Review The Weigh In is a scam, and I cannot recommend it to anyone. Although there is information that you can get from Profit Siege, searching the Internet will allow you to get your hands on it for free. Just remember that seven-click three-minute riches dont exist, and youll be on the safe way to making money online.