Six Figure Kit Reviews Is Six Figure Kit a Scam or Legit?

Six Figure Kit Business Opportunity Overview

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The is an affiliate program developed by Dave Clabeaux and Ben Moskel. According to the website, the affiliate system is not meant for anyone, it is only for people who are motivated. The founders of the Six Figure Kit program claim that it is not a multi-level marketing venture or a get rich quick scheme. It is just a way for hard-working people with computers to make money working from home.

Suggested Home Business Opportunities 2011The program essentially works in the following way. You are paid huge sums of money to send traffic to the websites of some big-name companies such as: Prada, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Sony, Best Buy, Travelocity, Samsung and the list just goes on and on to include more than 2, 000 big-name companies

When you go to the official website, you come across a video of testimonials of everyday people telling you that the Six Figure Kit program is legit. Then the founders tell their life story, of how they hated their jobs and started making money with absolutely no technological knowledge and now can easily make millions per annum. Near the end of the home page, you can find a long list BIG amount checks coming one after the other.

Advantages of Six Figure Kit

One advantage of the program is that it is available for an affordable price of $27. Moreover, the program comes with training videos, 30-minute audio coaching session, a 96 page copy of the online entrepreneurs and a special report.

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Disadvantages of Six Figure Kit

As far as disadvantages go, there is a lot to be said about the program. Firstly, their website follows the same sequence that all scam sites follow; a heart breaking story of a unsatisfactory job, a friend telling you about a program and *poof* you start making thousands of dollars within days. Secondly, all the checks displayed on their site have their basic information blacked out so theres no way of knowing who they were sent to. Moreover, a majority of people who signed up with this program report that their content is the basic entrepreneurial stuff that one can easily get online for free.

Six Figure Kit Review The Weigh In

As far as the legitimacy of the goes. I am quite doubtful. However, if you still want to use the program do some research on your own, and Im sure youll come to the same conclusion.